By Rachel Jones

When I ask Christine Bullock what her title is, the Pittsburgh native just laughs. I think “juggler” would be most appropriate for the fitness and nutrition expert, who is also a fitness model, TV host, public speaker, Pilates instructor, and holder of dozens of other fitness and nutrition certifications.

Starting in the world of athletics at age 3, Bullock danced her way through several studios, including the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. She retired her ballet shoes during her time at Chatham University and decided to fill her fitness void with yoga. Bullock quickly upgraded from student to instructor at Amazing Yoga, shortly after earning her certification. “I loved teaching and finding a new form of fitness that was as challenging as dance, and as opening to the body and freeing to the mind,” she says.

After graduation, the fireball moved to the sunny health hub of Los Angeles, continuing to earn certificates in Pilates, barre, group fitness, and more. She also starred in workout videos with Equinox Sports Club, who recommended she reach out to Dragonfly Productions. The company was looking to launch a new workout DVD, so Bullock pounced on the opportunity to further expand her résumé.

The casting crew instantly approved of 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift. “They liked my moves,” Bullock says of her audition. “I’m a girl, so I love butt and thigh exercises; that was a piece of cake.” The DVD combines her training in Pilates, yoga, and barre to help viewers sculpt lean muscles. Unlike other thigh and glutes workouts that focus solely on squats and lunges, Bullock also works the planes of motion and fires up smaller muscles to enhance stability and strength. And the best part? Each workout is only 10 minutes! “This is the perfect video for anyone, whether you have a little time or you want a long, intense workout,” Bullock says. “You can do one 10-minute video or a full 60 minutes of videos.” 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift is challenging enough for the pros, but Bullock offers moderations to help viewers of different fitness levels work at their ideal pace.

The five glutes, thigh, and lower back videos are: “Butt Lift,” “Upright Booty,” “Cardio Booty Camp,” “Butt & Thighs,” and “HIIT (High Intensity) Butt Lift.” Plus, Bullock added an “Amazing Abs” video. The bonus pays attention to the love handles and lower abs, but all of the workouts completely engage the core. Separately, or together, these videos redefine the behind and torch calories in a unique and customizable way. “If you love high intensity and cardio, that’s there. If you love yoga or Pilates, that’s there. Even regular squats — it’s all there for you.”

> Christine Bullock,

“My advice is to find something you love. People end up going to the gym or going on a run, and they’re not happy. Fitness is there to better you, de-stress you, and help release your mind. Try yoga or paddleboard or snowboard — anything you enjoy. And don’t forget to switch it up. If you do the same workouts all the time, your body will plateau after awhile. For example, if you run every day, you’re going to stop seeing results. Change up your routine, and it will restart your metabolism.” — Christine Bullock

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