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By Andrea Bosco

Let us calculate the odds. One statistic* shows finding your soulmate is a 1-in-285,000 chance; the probability of landing a role on ABC’s The Bachelor, receiving a rose, and actually finding true love is slim; and U.S. divorce rates — well, let’s not go there. Given the above, do not lose faith. The world boasts plenty of proof that healthy marriages do exist and that eternal love can be found in the most unexpected places. For me? Twitter! In fact, one study* surveyed 20,000 respondents and found that 35 percent met their spouses online. To no avail? Turn to a matchmaker, and I don’t mean Patti Stanger by way of L.A. Enter Squirrel Hill’s Susan Dunhoff, The Modern Matchmaker. Her 22-year boutique matchmaking service blends traditional values with modern technology for a personalized experience. Here, she shares her steps for scouting that special someone and her top dating tips. After all, when you know, you know.

Fun fact! In 1992, Dunhoff, working in marketing, threw a party at the Rivers Club. Little did she know, she would meet her husband, David, and discover that her passion was matchmaking — all in the same evening. “It was magical.”

Step 1: Prepping for Romance

The Modern Matchmaker Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh“The first step is scheduling a private consultation with me or an associate matchmaker,” says Dunhoff. “Many clients fill out a confidential profile form prior to our meeting. For us, it’s all in the consult and how we get on a client’s wavelength.” Dunhoff says she examines the client’s personality, searching for what’s most important to them in a perfect match. Next, she scours the database for compatible profiles. She examines dating history, photographs, religion, and “deal breakers,” among other things. “Whatever perfect match requirements are important to our clients are important to us,” she says. “We don’t urge them to go on a date just for us to meet a quota. We’re truly invested. Much of our success is due to our personalized concierge service. We know our clients well and only recommend compatible matches so they do not waste their time and emotional energy. All of our clients can get a date, but come to us to meet the right date.”

Step 2: The Perfect Match

The Modern Matchmaker Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh“The perfect match is when two people really complement each other,” she says. “And, being together enhances their lives. Most of our clients have happy, full lives — even alone — it’s just that one important segment is missing. Some have been divorced or widowed, and some have never been married.” Dunhoff continues to explain that “the perfect match” to her means “not just a surface relationship.” “It’s a much deeper relationship that involves all levels of chemistry.” She and her team research with new, custom proprietary software that took two years to build. “If I’m in the middle of a new business presentation and a perfect match pops into my mind, I can type in the name right then, and their confidential profile and photos pop up instantly.”

Step 3: Blissful Results

The Modern Matchmaker Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh“When I see how happy people are once they have found each other, it’s emotional for me. I get so excited! It wasn’t planned — it just required some navigation,” she says. “It is our job to bring compatible people together, but the clients make it happen. I always say, ‘Unless someone repulses you on a first date, give them a chance for a second date.’ Subconsciously, most people are not really themselves on a first date, and are much more relaxed, fun, and even humorous on a second date.”

Tasteful Tip:

“Do not text,” says Dunhoff. “A date should be personal. Nothing makes clients more disturbed than when potential matches text as an initial impression. Once they’re in a relationship, I think it’s great. There’s nothing like an ‘I miss you’ middle-of-the-day text.”

The Modern Matchmaker, Inc., 5725 Forward Ave., Suite 401, Squirrel Hill. 412.521.3747. themodernmatchmaker.com.


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