Fill Your Bridal Bouquet with Greens

By Abby Dudley | Photographs from Whitling Photography

“It used to be that you never used greenery,” Karrie Hlista of Karrie Hlista Designs says of brides and their flowers. “Brides used absolutely none in their bouquets or centerpieces.” Recently, though, the floral winds have shifted, and Hlista is finding that many customers desire a more organic appearance. “Now they’re becoming a part of the design, taking more of a forefront.” To achieve the natural aesthetic, she suggests seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus in centerpieces, which achieve an airy, earthy look. On long, farm tables, try garlands and succulents to add color and texture. “They’re also great for incorporating candles.” Of course, we don’t want to lose all of the bright tones, so for flowers that pair well with a lot of greenery, Hlista recommends cabbage roses, peonies, and anemones. All delicate and ethereal in appearance, these flowers complement without overpowering the greens.

Karrie Hlista Designs, 408 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8243.

Photographs from Whitling Photography

Photographs from Whitling Photography

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