We’re always striving to be the best versions of ourselves, and Sewickley is the perfect place to make that happen. With the help of this diverse group of local experts, you will see how every niche can be covered and every goal can be accomplished. Use this guide today to start exploring Sewickley and living your best life.

By Rachel Jones



Judith Minegar, owner of IDEAS Vintage Market, suggests making a chalkboard sign for fun and functional decorating this fall. Search your home or go to a yard sale for an old window, piece of scrap wood, or broken mirror that can be repurposed into a chalkboard. Paint it with IDEAS’ Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Black paint, $20, and use it to write to-do lists or love notes in your home. “It doesn’t have to be square, it doesn’t have to have a frame, and it doesn’t have to hang on the wall,” Minegar says. “You could even paint pumpkins, and draw on them with chalk! With a little creativity, anything can become a chalkboard.”

IDEAS Vintage Market, Sewickley PA

“This fall project is easy and fun for the whole family,” says Judith Minegar of IDEAS Vintage Market. Photo: Nicole Sebula.

House 15143 Sewickley

Light this clementine and clove candle from House 15143 for an instant boost of comfort. Photo: Laura Petrilla.


Feeling warm and comforted is crucial for fall, and your home should reflect that. “Making your home feel cozy is as simple as adding one or more textures to your space,” says Danielle Franks of House 15143. “Whether it’s a burlap pillow or colorful, flat-weave rug in a bold geometric.” Candles instantly make a room toasty, too, so Franks suggests autumn-scented selections to activate multiple senses — think Nest Pumpkin Chai, Sydney Hale Woodsmoke, and Amber! Display the glowing goodies on regal Hurricane Candle Holders — in rich metals, like gold or copper — to add even more warmth.

Keep in mind that organizing the entire room around a unique element or feature can affect its entire vibe. For fall, Nathan St. Germain of Studio St. Germain says let there be light! As the principal of the full-service architectural firm that specializes in residential and sustainable designs, St. Germain says to turn the room’s attention to windows or glass doors to bring warmth. If those aren’t available, add varied artificial light elements, such as recessed lighting, art lighting, or floor or table lamps, to provide flexibility to the function of the space. “If you have an inviting fireplace, make that the focal point by rearranging your furniture to face it,” he says. “Avoid adding a television above your mantel. It can detract from the warm and cozy feeling a fire brings, and not having it encourages reading and conversation.”

Instead, decorate your mantle with a framed family portrait. “I think family and individual portraits convey a warm sense of meaning, belonging, history, stability, and cohesiveness to family and friends,” says Pam Ingram of Ingram Portrait Design. “My own kids love looking at portraits of themselves and of our family that tell our own special story.” Ingram works to tell each client’s personal story through her images and uses the complimentary consultation to discuss everything from why they want the portrait, to where it will be displayed, to how they want the scene and wardrobe to reflect this chapter in their lives. “These design elements work together beautifully to convey the life and love within the family.”

IDEAS Vintage Market, 419 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.534.4218. ideasvintagemarket.com
House 15143, 439 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8953. house15143.com
Studio St. Germain, 661 Charette Place, Sewickley. 412.534.4217. studiostgermain.com
Ingram Portrait Design, 412.749.4788. ingramportraitdesign.com


For a smart and stylish look this season, we’re all about layering. Wrap a scarf over a dress, or pile on the necklaces and chunky bangles. “Layering has always been a top trend in the past, and this fall season is no different,” says Carine Perrone of Spoiled Chics the Boutique. “Layering bracelets, necklaces, rings, and apparel is on point and one of our favorite trends.” Cora DeLoia of Spoiled Chics the Boutique loves The Midi Ring, worn in-between the knuckles. Stacking a few of the simple, thin bands creates a balanced look that’s modern, minimalist, and must-have. Use layers to stay extra warm by slipping wedges over knee socks or tights. Tana Ford of Tana’s Boutique recommends Brookline by OTBT Shoes to wear with whimsical, fun knee socks or plaid, over-the-knee tights to update skirts, pants, or dresses that are already in your closet.

Spoiled Chics the Boutique, 350 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.741.0977. spoiledchics.com
Tana’s Boutique, 447 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8234

Spoiled Chics the Boutique Sewickley

Designs available at Spoiled Chics the Boutique. [Photo: Dogeared.]


Tana's Boutique Sewickley

Leggings from Tana’s Boutique. [Photo: Tana Ford.]


Don’t forget to keep your pup looking his best, too! Larry’s Laundromutt offers a mobile grooming service to bring the dog salon to you. Equipped with a generator that supplies the necessary power and 50 gallons of water, the zooming grooming station has all of the clippers, driers, shampoos, and conditioners right on board. Its convenient service is faster than a trip to the salon and less stressful for pets and owners, since everything is done right in the driveway.

Larry’s Laundromutt, 201 Ohio River Blvd., Sewickley. 412.534.4052. larryslaundromutt.com


As you work to live your best life, help someone else simply live a better life. Donating your spare time and change to the Samaritan Counseling Center and Laughlin Children’s Center can ensure your neighbors’ needs are met. Samaritan allows more than 3,500 individuals and families to achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being through professional psychological counseling and educational programs that use the resources of faith. Support the nonprofit by volunteering to do events, office work, or build church relationships; or make a monetary donation to its Client Aid Fund, which assists those who seek care but lack the resources to pay for it.

Laughlin Children’s Center also offers financial aid to those in need of its services, annually awarding funds in excess of $60,000. Students in Allegheny County and the surrounding areas can benefit from its tutoring sessions, occupational and speech-language therapies, child and family counseling, and an array of assessments and screenings. Monetary donations continue the nonprofit’s great works and invite the opportunity for additional programs to be added to the curriculum, including the Orton-Gillingham instruction for dyslexic children, which is now available thanks to the Peirce Family Foundation’s grant. These advancements prove how crucial our contributions are to these nonprofits and their amazing missions.

Samaritan Counseling Center, 414 Grant St., Sewickley. 412.741.7430. samaritancounseling.net
Laughlin Children’s Center, 424 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 412.741.4087. laughlincenter.org


With events happening every week, it’s easy to keep your calendar full in Sewickley! Check out the upcoming events this season:

September 5
13th Annual Antique & Unique Sale, Barn of Chestnut Hill

September 6
24th Annual Sewickley Harvest Festival, Broad Street

September 12-13
Sewickley Gallery & Art Walk, Various Sewickley Village Locations

Sweetwater Center for the Arts Sewickley

Sweet Potatoes Don’t Grow on Trees, by LaVerne Kemp, is one of the many incredible pieces on display at this exhibition! [Photo: Sweetwater Center for the Arts.]

September 12-November 2
Connected at the Roots: An African American Art Exhibition, Sweetwater Center for the Arts

September 20
Fall Music Festival, Fern Hollow Nature Center

September 20-21
The Sewickley Show: Antiques Reimagined, The Edgeworth Club

September 25-November 13
Color Your Jewelry with Enamel, Sweetwater Center for the Arts

September 28
“Dog Walk & Wine” Presented by Larry’s Laundromutt and The Sewickley Café, Larry’s Laundromutt

October 1
Girls’ Night Out: Painted Wine Glasses, Sweetwater Center for the Arts

October 3-4
Sewickley Oktoberfest 2014, Division Street Parking Lot

October 16-30
Autumn Harvest: Soups & Stews, Sweetwater Center for the Arts

October 18-25
Landscape Painting in Sewickley, Sweetwater Center for the Arts

If you want to spend the weekend away, Hyde Travel Services can help you plan the ultimate getaway. Whether it’s for a fall foliage tour in New England, or an island escape from the chilly temperatures, these expedition experts will get you there! “To us, travel is more than fun; it offers personal enrichment,” explains Linda Hedin of Hyde Travel Services. “We stand committed to your continued discovery of a world ever-beautiful and large.”

Sweetwater Center for the Arts, 200 Broad St., Sewickley. 412.741.4405. sweetwaterartcenter.org
Hyde Travel Services, Inc., 634 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.741.5750. hydetravel.com


Salt Power Yoga Sewickley

Photo: Ben Petchel.

Whatever is motivating you to start a solid wellness routine – your children, your career, or your doctor – Sewickley offers equally unique options to meet your needs. “People choose to be healthy for many different reasons, and I support whatever motivates each individual,” says Clare Westwood of Clearly Pilates. She also encourages them to try a class at the studio, such as yoga, Spinning ®, or Pilates. The long-term benefits of a full-body Pilates workout include remaining mobile and healthy into old age, staving off the risk of cardiovascular disease, and increasing muscle mass to maintain bone density. “There is very little chance for injury when you trust the progression of Pilates,” Westwood says. “It is a program you can do your whole life!”

And, it won’t just help physical health. Rachel Bekelja of Salt Power Yoga says the positive mental and emotional changes we see from a dedicated wellness routine are incredible. “When you care enough about yourself to take care of your body, mind, and soul, you are without a doubt going to have a positive impact on those around you,” Bekelja says. “I can say from my own personal journey that yoga has helped me to love myself, and in turn, be open to loving others.” This is why she’s so passionate about inviting others to try just one class and see the difference it can make. Some students are hesitant to start, fearing they aren’t flexible or coordinated enough to try yoga. “There is a style of yoga out there for everyone and every need,” she explains. “We want to dissolve the myth that you need to be or have anything to do yoga. You just need an open mind.”

The first step to making a healthy lifestyle change is just that: taking the first step. For some people, that initial action goes toward healing past injuries, establishing a solid foundation to build a stronger life on. Get started at HealthSouth, a comprehensive acute-care inpatient rehabilitation hospital that also provides outpatient rehabilitation, home health, and support groups. Patients with everything from brain injuries to hip fractures can benefit from the services and see how the hard work is worth it. “We work to restore function and strength so patients can return to their highest level of independence,” says Leah Laffey, CEO of HealthSouth Sewickley. “Your dedicated therapy team will be your biggest cheerleaders and will be there for you every step of the way.”

Keep in mind that wellness programs aren’t solely about workouts — a healthy nutrition plan plays a major role, too. Find fresh, solid fuel at Vivo Kitchen, where foraging is strongly encouraged and butter is strictly forbidden. Instead, the chefs reach for olive oil, full of healthy fats that won’t alter the ingredients’ natural flavors. “We’ve been serving a lot of foraged mushrooms lately, and we keep it simple by grilling them with olive oil, salt, and pepper,” says owner Sam DiBattista. “The flavor’s so unique, that we don’t want to mess with it.” Much of the produce is grown by Sam’s wife, co-owner Lori, in their vegetable garden; plucked from the restaurant’s on-site herb garden; delivered by Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance; or, in the case of their fresh eggs, supplied by a local farmer. Remember: Fresh and local always means healthier and more delicious!

Clearly Pilates, 325 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.999.0215. clearlypilates.com
Salt Power Yoga, 203 High Pointe Drive, Seven Fields. 724.584.1624. saltpoweryoga.com
HealthSouth, 303 Camp Meeting Road, Sewickley. 412.741.9500. | 320 Guys Run Road, Harmarville. 412.828.1300. healthsouth.com
Vivo Kitchen, 432 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8945. vivokitchen.com
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Stress and Belly Fat Workshop on September 24. Clearly Pilates invites you to a yoga class and presentation that explore how stress affects your belly, how your belly affects your health, and how to stop the cycle. Tickets are $10. Sign up at clearlypilates.com.

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