Emzeg Steppe Cashmere Now Sold Seasonally in Pittsburgh’s Ross Park Mall

By Liz Petoniak
Emzeg Steppe Cashmere, Ross Park Mall, Pittsburgh

Photograph from Emzeg Steppe Cashmere.

In the chilly winter months, there’s no better feeling than slipping on a layer of luxuriously soft cashmere, and Emzeg Steppe’s fashion-forward knit designs are some of the coziest we’ve ever encountered. Previously only available in select New York, Montreal, Paris, and Tokyo boutiques, or by special order online, the line of heirloom-grade sweaters, leggings, shawls, scarves, hats, headbands, and gloves for men and women is now available at Ross Park Mall! The artisanal kiosk, situated at a prime spot between Burberry and Kate Spade, represents a homecoming of sorts for Emzeg Steppe. Cranberry native Jon Hetts founded the socially responsible cashmere company following two years of working with the U.S. Peace Corps in Mongolia. While abroad, he purchased a knit wrap to give as a gift to his mother when he returned home. After witnessing his mother’s reaction, the wheels began turning. “I felt a very strong connection working in Mongolia and living there,” he says. “After coming back home, the original goal was to stay connected. I took another trip back and planned on just wholesaling yarn. But, people at home were so surprised by the quality of the material.” Mongolian cashmere’s longer fiber length creates a stronger knit that holds together better than other comparable cashmeres with less pilling and shedding, Hetts explains. Overall, the longer fibers account for increased durability and longevity. Through his connections in Mongolia, Hetts partnered with a small production facility with 27 female workers. Since then, Emzeg Steppe has expanded into producing clothing made from Mongolian yak down wool and upped its offerings of designs. Stop by the seasonal pop-up location at Ross Park Mall to witness the high quality first-hand and stock up on styles for both men and women!

Emzeg Steppe Cashmere, emzegsteppe.com.
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