Photography by Slice of Life Photography

Since Emily and Jared met while she was lifeguarding at the pool at his Squirrel Hill apartment complex, it’s only fitting that the couple of six years got engaged under the sun. Over Memorial Day weekend, as the two laid out on the deck of their Mt. Washington home, a plane flew overhead that read, “Emily, Will You Marry Me? — J.” “He couldn’t fit ‘Jared’ on the banner, so it took me about a half a second to realize that he was “J” and I was Emily. It was awesome,” she says. Friends stood and watched on Grandview Avenue as the plane circled the city 10 times, and the couple celebrated afterward at a picnic with both of their parents. Just over a year later, the couple said, “I do” at St. Mary of the Mount Church, and 200 guests joined them for the reception at the Sheraton Station Square. The newlyweds and their guests were surrounded by a color scheme of black, white, and hot pink, and Trafford Floral provided arrangements of calla lilies, roses, and gerbera daises. Emily, a self-described Pittsburgh lover made sure there were Eat’n Park smiley cookies and gift bags with other Pittsburgh-themed items, including a “How to speak Pittsburgh-ese” brochure. The bride numbered the tables with her photography of numerals around the city, including pictures of the sign for Parkway 376 and the backs of Pittsburgh Pirates’ jerseys. Emily and her father danced to “My Girl”, and she says the reception went longer than expected, ending after the newlyweds and close friends sang and danced to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.’” — Ben Boskovich

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