Photography by Adam Milliron, Cayla Zahoran. Photos courtesy MAC Cosmetics, Chestnut Ridge Spa.


As Special Events Manager for the Pittsburgh Opera, Samuel Clyde Badger is presented with plenty of opportunities to dress in his very best. But Badger, brimming with charm and big smiles to boot, doesn’t seem to need an excuse to style himself to the nines. From his overflowing collection of bow ties, a serious affinity for Louis Vuitton (can you blame him?), and a certain confidence in his fashion sense — “I like what I like,” he explains, simply — Badger has cultivated a closet full of chic and enviable pieces, his wardrobe full of panache and designer duds. Bravo!

Describe your personal style: Unabashedly top drawer, a hodge-podge of this and that. I have everything from secondhand to designer.

Style Icons: Duke of Windsor, Cary Grant, Ronald Reagan.

Favorite designers:
Gant, Brooks Brothers, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Yves St. Laurent, Halston.

How does your personal style relate to your career:
Working for a world-class opera company, I am surrounded by talented and creative people! How can you not want to add a little flair to your daily wardrobe!

What are your wardrobe essentials:
Opera slippers [he has a fabulous collection, everything from Ralph Lauren to Louis Vuitton!], bowties, sock garters, pocket squares, anything purple (my favorite color) and anything vintage.

Where do you shop:
Here and there! I have no favorites; change is the only constant in my fashion choices.

All-time favorite piece of clothing:
A “Badger and Buly Excavating” (my dad’s company) jacket from when I was little. Very cute!
Pittsburgh Opera, 2425 Liberty Ave, Strip District. 412281.0912.


Sam looks oh-so spiffy in his formalwear — as usual! Here, he’s wearing shoes by Louis Vuitton, and his bow tie, cummerbund, striped socks and shirt are all from Brooks Brothers.

Check out this swag! We were gushing over the collection of scarves, colognes, and luxe luggage.

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