by Rachel Jones | Photograph by Cayla Zahoran | Art Direction by Allie Wist
Pittsburgh Dad

Editor’s note: Pittsburgh Dad is played by Greensburg native and actor Curt Wootton.

The first Pittsburgh Dad video I saw was “Snow.” The parts about stompin’ my boots clean in the garage and hanging my clothes up over the utility sink in the basement were direct quotes from my childhood. I instantly related to the local YouTube sensation, and so did the rest of Pittsburgh.

We all have a Pittsburgh Dad. He has a lucky seat on the couch, a snazzy collection of golf polos, and an Iron City in the ‘fridge. To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we sat down to chit-chat with the city’s favorite dad.

WHIRL: How’d you like your big photo shoot? Did we do better than the crew at Sears?

Pittsburgh Dad: Yinz guys were real professional. These kids they got working down Sears don’t care about nothing. In our family photo, my wife’s eyes is closed, my daughter is looking the wrong way, and my son is in the middle of yawning. I ended up taking it down from above the mantel and replaced it with a poster of Heinz Field.

WHIRL: What are your plans for the summer?

PD: Take the kids over to Kennywood, maybe down the Regatta…basically, be outside as much as possible before this city turns into that snow planet from Star Wars again. I tell ya, one of these days I’m moving to Florida. I know a guy down in Ft. Lauderdale that runs a Steelers bar, said I could come down and help run it any time.

WHIRL: Do you ever go golfing with your buddies?

PD: Every now and then I get out and golf with my buddy, Pete. I gotta get a new 9-Iron and wedge ‘cause my kids were using them as swords last year and bent them all to hell. Geeze Louise.

WHIRL: How’s your lawn looking? Greenest one on the block, I bet.

PD: No doubt! I had a guy come who used to be on the grounds crew down PNC, and he gave me some great advice. Except I got this real jagoff, Ravens fan neighbor named Tom whose lawn is a disgrace. Entire thing is one big dandelion.

WHIRL: So, how ‘bout them Buccos?

PD: Them boys are doing good! Off to a great start! Oh no…I probably just jinxed them by saying that. If they don’t win this year, it’ll be all my fault.

WHIRL: Any gift you’re hoping to get this Father’s Day?

PD: I’d be happy if the family all got together and paid the electric bill for that month. What a great gift that would be!

WHIRL: What did your kids get you last year?

PD: Brandon made me a birdhouse, Jessica colored me a nice picture, and Mandy broke up with her jaggo boyfriend. Not a bad haul, but Mandy got back together with her boyfriend that same night.

WHIRL: Anything you’d like to say to all the other Pittsburgh dads out there?

PD: Just that I think most Pittsburgh dads deserve TWO Father’s Days a year for all we put up with. And if any of yinz see me out, feel free to buy me a beer!

Pittsburgh Dad,

This article is featured in the June 2013 issue of WHIRL Magazine.

>> Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes clip of our interview with Pittsburgh Dad!

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