Local experts share the lowdown on the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures — everything from Mini-Lifts to permanent makeup!

by Abby DiBenedetto


Radiance Plastic Surgery: Dr. Lori L. Cherup

Vectra 3-D Imaging
The new Vectra 3-D Imaging system is revolutionizing the plastic surgery, allowing patients and plastic surgeons to preview the end results of a procedure, before surgery is performed! Normally, in a consultation, doctors show surgical candidates two-dimensional photographs of previous patients and their results. This cutting edge technology actually analyses each patient’s skin, creating a 3-dimensional image of his or her body or face. After the image is created, doctors can then apply the desired procedure. This is a popular option for breast augmentation patients. “You can augment the patients with a specific size, shape, and even brand of implants,” Dr. Cherup says. “You’re actually changing the image of that person themselves.”

Tear Trough Filling
The area around the eyes is often the first to show the signs of aging. For years, plastic surgeons have been correcting this problem with Blepharoplasty, or, eyelid surgery. The latest development for patients looking to ditch their extra baggage is Tear Trough Filling. “Tear troughs are those little, lunar-shaped hollows in your inside lower eyelid that extend down onto your under eyelid — those hollows that make shadows and make your tired-looking lower eyelids even worse,” Dr. Cherup says. “We have understood through anatomy studies and through studying photographs of people aging through the years, that tear troughs develop as we get older because the cheek fat falls down, and the eyelid fat actually bulges forward, almost like a hernia.” To reverse these signs of aging, fat is removed from the puffy part of the eyelid and filler is added. “We add filler, which can be fat, or this wonderful substance called Restylane,” Dr. Cherup says. “When you do those two things together, it creates a nice, smoother, more blended lower eyelid to cheek junction.” And the best part is, tear trough filling can be done in the office under local anesthesia.

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Keller Funnel
The Keller Funnel is a new product making breast augmentation procedures even safer by “keeping the implant absolutely sterile and clean,” Dr. Cherup says. “It also keeps it from even rubbing against the skin edges as it enters into the breast, so it’s a device that will improve the results of augmentation down the road by the implant not being exposed to anything, not even the bacteria on the skin.”

Face Lift Updates
Think facelifts are only for patients over 50? Think again. Recently, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal published a study that indicates otherwise. “The study showed that the tissues are younger, stronger, thicker, more resilient, and more elastic in the 40s,” Dr. Cherup says. “If you have a facelift in your 40s, you may not ever need one again for the rest of your life. But, if you have one when you’re 60, the likelihood that you’re going to look almost like you did before the surgery in two to three years is high.” Dr. Cherup recommends potential facelift patients to have the procedure earlier in life. “We now think, and the plastic surgery community now thinks, the best age to have a facelift done is mid to late 40s and early 50s.”

Radiance Plastic Surgery, 701 Boyce Road, Bridgeville. 412.220.8181. drcherup.com.

Chestnut Hills Dental: Dr. William A. Vitalie

“The biggest overall change in cosmetic dentistry has been the digitization of everything,” says Dr. Vitalie. For the last decade, he has been using digital imaging to form treatment plans, and recently, Cadent iTero digital imaging has played an even bigger part in cosmetic dentistry as it can provide dentists with 3D images of patients’ mouths. From there, the dentist “can reproduce the digital image, actually constructing the all-porcelain crowns we are doing. It eliminates all impression-taking and transfers of physical models.” Specifically, this technology is applied to implant dentistry. “Implant dentistry really can be the most cosmetic replacement of a missing tooth,” says Dr. Vitalie. “We take a dental CAT scan of the implant site. Then, with me looking at it online, I can select the appropriate implant and place it, in 3D, inside the image on the screen,” effectively creating a guide that can then be used to put the implant into the mouth. This technology can eliminate the need for incisions during the procedure, which has major cosmetic appeal. Chestnut Hills Dental, 655 Church St., 724.349.8380. chestnuthillsdental.com.

Beleza Plastic Surgery: Dr. Anna Wooten

Patients of Beleza Plastic Surgery are loving Ultherapy, a face treatment that is new and non-invasive! Ultherapy is ultrasound energy delivered to the sub-dermal layers of the skin, which are the deeper layers addressed in face-lift surgery. The tissue is gently heated, lifting and tightening the skin without making any incision. Ultherapy also promotes natural collagen production, helping the skin maintain youthfulness. While this procedure does not replace a face-lift, it is a great option for patients seeking a refreshed look — without undergoing surgery.

Fat Injections
Fat injections are perfect for patients looking to perk up their appearance in lieu of fillers. Dr. Wooten harvests fat from the body and injects it into areas of the face where extra volume is needed. This procedure is best for patients with a thinner face and — here’s the best part — results are more lasting than those given by fillers. Fat injections can also be a great option for breast augmentation. Instead of using implants to perform the augmentation, fat is injected, giving the breasts a fuller look. Some patients prefer the fat injection procedure over the use of implants in breast augmentation surgery, because it eliminates the possibility of a future implant replacement. This innovative procedure helps not only breast augmentation patients, but breast reconstruction patients as well.

Beleza Plastic Surgery, 100 Delafield Road, Aspinwall. 724.759.7777. la-beleza.com.

The Golla Center for Plastic Surgery: Dr. Dinakar Golla

Non-Surgical Facelift Techniques
“One of the biggest things that we’re seeing in cosmetic surgery is the real shift towards non-surgical techniques,” says Dr. Golla. “Most people these days are so busy, for them to have downtime for surgical procedures is more cumbersome.” To solve this problem, Dr. Golla is performing less invasive face-lifting procedures. “With longer term fillers, we’re able to do work almost similar to a facelift, without needing to do a facelift,” he says. “Sculptra is a product that basically allows you to build your own collagen through stimulating your tissue to generate and re-generate collagen. Through a series of injections, you can actually get large amounts of volume [back] that you’ve lost over time.” The long-term fillers used by Dr. Golla can last from nine months to two years. “Most people lose fat in their face in the cheeks and the jowls, which causes the skin to sag,” he says. “If you replenish that fat though techniques of generating more tissue, you can eventually avoid the need for a facelift, or delay it.”

Facial Resurfacing
“Facial resurfacing is great because all of the elements of aging are removed to replenish the surface of the face,” says Dr. Golla. He performs micro-laser peels with the Sciton Laser, “a high medical grade laser which uses Erbium,” says Dr. Golla. The treatment can be tailored according to recovery time. “What’s amazing is you can say, ‘Dr. Golla, I only have two days,’ and we can set the laser in such a way that the patient will recover in two days,” he says. “With this laser technology, you can target one layer of skin at a time.”

“All of our facials are done with medical grade Dermalogica,” says Dr. Golla. “It has been tested more than any other product, and it has the longest tenure.” Patients can also take home samples of the line, which “is really customer service oriented,” he says. “A lot of our clients feel comfortable because they can try it. I think that really helps them as well.”

The Golla Center for Plastic Surgery,107 Gamma Drive, Fox Chapel. 412.963.6677.
107 Mt. Nebo Point Drive, Mt. Nebo. 412.847.7500.
500 Pine Hollow Rd., McKees Rocks. 412.250.2600.
102 Technology Drive, Butler. 724.284.4000.


Skin solutions! Dermalogica products offer healthy skin solutions for all different types of skin. From ultra rich body cream to soothing eye makeup remover — you’re covered!

Artisan Plastic Surgery: Dr. Francis Johns Jr.

A mini-facelift is a suitable option for patients looking to perk up their appearance in a hurry. “The mini-lift is less invasive, requires less recovery time, and costs less than the full face-lift,” Dr. Johns says. “It is roughly an hour-and-a-half procedure and takes about one-and-a-half weeks to recovery time.” The mini-lift is ideal for individuals with less advanced facial laxity, usually between 45-65 years of age. It can be done solo, or combined with other procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift. “People don’t want to wait until aging changes are severe,” Dr. Johns says. “They would rather get the mini-lift at the beginning of aging and turn back the clock.”

Mommy Makeover
Mommy makeover procedures are extremely popular at Artisan Plastic Surgery. The tummy-tuck and breast lift/breast augmentation combination is ideal for moms looking to reverse any bodily changes that occur during pregnancy. “Those two procedures make up about half of our practice,” Dr. Johns says. “The outpatient procedures take about one-and-a-half to two weeks recovery time.”

Artisan Plastic Surgery, 400 Oakbrook Drive, Greensburg. 724.830.9305. artisan-plasticsurgery.com.


Associates in Ophthalmology: Dr. Heather Skeens & Dr. Lisa Cibik

Lifestyle Intraocular Lens
Associates in Ophthalmology are offering the newest technology in cataract surgery. “The natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy in a patient with a cataract,” Dr. Cibik says. After the cloudy natural lens is removed during surgery, Dr. Cibik is able to replace that lens permanently with various lifestyle intraocular lens options. “This technology is great for patients that come in as longtime glasses wearers and after surgery, they don’t need glasses.” The intraocular lenses can correct most vision problems, including a toric lens for patients with Astigmatism. “This wonderful advancement in intraocular lens technology offers patients the choice of having better vision than ever before.”

Femtosecond Laser
The Femtosecond Laser is a new tool to Associates in Ophthalmology, where it’s used for assisting in cataract surgery. “This laser can make an incision to help alleviate Astigmatism,” says Dr. Cibik. “It can also soften the lens of the cataract and actually remove the cataract.”

Associates in Ophthalmology, 888.634.9800. aioeyesurgeons.com.

Cosmetic Solutions: Rachel Schinosi, Cosmetic Enhancement Specialist

Fusion 3D Lift
The Fusion 3D Lift is the latest in non-invasive, pain-free skin tightening procedure, and Cosmetic Solutions has one of only three Fusion 3D Lift machines in the entire country! “First, the skin is prepared with microdermabrasion to remove dead cells and smooth the surface,” Schinosi says. “Next, acoustic waves (ultrasound) infuse topical Hyaluron gel into the skin.” The level of Hyaluron in the skin decreases with age, causing a loss of volume, elasticity, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The ultrasound technology allows for deep penetration of the Hyaluron gel, re-hydrating the skin and eliminating lines and wrinkles instantly. “Last, but not least, an infra-red laser is applied to activate the gel and to deliver heat to the dermis (the lower part of the skin’s structure). This in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and tightens the skin for a lifting effect.”

i-lipo Ultra
“i-lipo Ultra is a new, revolutionary treatment that uses low level lasers and vacuum massage to smooth cellulite, reduce fat, and contour the body,” says Schinosi. “The treatment is non-invasive with no pain, no needles, and no downtime.” Patients can loose one to two dress sizes after 8-12 treatments. “i-lipo works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle including drinking plenty of water, eating reasonably, and exercising.”

Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement
While the idea of permanent makeup isn’t new, the latest digital technology available is making this procedure more popular than ever! One of the most commonly applied permanent makeup procedures is permanent eyebrow enhancement. “Tiny feather strokes of color are placed throughout your existing brows to simulate more hair, so that you can have the perfectly shaped brows you wish you were born with,” says Schinosi. “The treatment is quick and easy and requires no down time.”

Cosmetic Solutions, 673 Morganza Road, Canonsburg. 724.745.7550. mycosmeticsolutions.com.

Dr. Amy Hursh, Board Certified Physician

Dr. Amy Hursh is bringing beauty home with Botox parties, one of the latest trends in cosmetic procedures, during which the injections are performed “in the comfort and privacy of your own home,” she says. “No rushing, no pressure, and you can ask as many questions about the procedure as you wish.” Dr. Hursh starts off the party by explaining to guests what Botox is and how it works. “It’s a purified protein derived from the Botulinm toxin that is injected into the facial muscles to paralyze muscles of movement that causes lines or wrinkles,” she says. “The entire process takes about 20 minutes total.”

Dr. Amy Hursh, 412.855.8024. pitdoc3@gmail.com.


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