By Rachel Jones

“Cookie cutter weddings are from the days of long gone,” declares Nikki Heckman, owner of Bistro to Go Catering. Instead, couples are opting for more intimate, personalized receptions. Put your own spin on the menu by honoring your roots with dishes like the New Orleans-style Crab and Shrimp Gumbo pictured here, or serve up smaller versions of your favorites like a petite shepherd’s pie. As you offer guests the chance to get to know you better through food, let them learn more about each other the same way. Heckman suggests putting out antipasto or grilled vegetable centerpieces on the tables, which can double as a snack during the reception’s downtime and the ultimate icebreaker!

Bistro to Go Catering, 415 E. Ohio St., North Side. 412.231.0218.

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