By Julie Pawlikowski

While every couple plans their wedding differently — and with different budgets! — the first annual Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report states that couples are investing up to 20 percent more (roughly $2,000) on their wedding services — excluding items like dresses, venues, and rings for a wedding with 98 guests on average — compared to last year. “The reception is the focus of this extra spending,” says Ashley Brasier, wedding director for Thumbtack, “with couples turning away from themed weddings and instead focusing on finer touches.”

Here are the top five areas that extra money is going to:

1. Social Media-Ready Extras — 68 percent of couples want short highlight videos

2. Makeup and Hair — bold, glamorous looks will be 75 percent more popular this year

3. Formal Dinners — plated meals are 31 percent more popular this year, and requests for bartenders are up 42 percent

4. Themes and Color Schemes — as intricate details like laser-cut features rise in popularity

5. Desserts — three-tiered cakes are up 55 percent and cupcakes are on the rise

+ Where do Pittsburgh couples fit in all of this?

Top 5 Most Expensive States to Get Married In:

1. Connecticut

2. New York

3. District of Columbia

4. Rhode Island

5. Pennsylvania

Top 5 Most Expensive Metro Areas to Get Married In:

1. New York City

2. Philadelphia

3. Pittsburgh

4. Baltimore

5. Providence

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