Chakra Activation Cards for Your Daily Dose of Yoga

By Rachel Jones | Photograph by Michael Fornataro

As the founder of her own unique style of Chakra Yoga, Pittsburgh’s own Brooke Smokelin definitely knows her chakras. For over 15 years, she’s been teaching the Chakra Activation Workshop Series. From January through July, she discusses one chakra a month in a two-and-a-half-hour workshop that covers static poses (asanas), dynamic poses (kriyas), breathing exercises (pranayama), chanting exercises (bija mantra), and chakra affirmations that help us connect to these distinctive energies.

Offering the same insight in a quick, easy format, Smokelin developed her new product, the Chakra Activation Deck. “People always say, ‘I want to do yoga, but I don’t have an hour to do yoga every day.’ But, really, who does? I wanted to make a tool that makes yoga fun and playful. If you’re on your lunch break or you have five free minutes, just pull a card and that’s your yoga for the day. And you can feel good about it!”

The deck of 80 cards is color coordinated to denote which chakra is getting the attention, so you can easily integrate the study into your day and “check in with yourself.” Smokelin adds, “It’s yoga that suits your needs. That’s why I call it, ‘Yoga for anyone, anywhere, anytime.’”

Throughout the month of March, we’re turning our focus to the naval chakra, which sits in your gut, below your heart, and is signified by a golden yellow color. Smokelin notes the key term associated with this chakra is “contribution.” We’re challenging ourselves to take action, reawaken the fire within us, and contribute what we can. “With chakras, there’s a physical aspect of it, but there’s also that energetic aspect of it that we’re activating. This is one of the beautiful pearls that comes from yoga,” Smokelin says. “You know how you get a ‘gut feeling?’ See, you already
have the language for your energy body. Chakra Yoga helps us open up the energy through specific yoga poses. This is how you nourish that energy and connect all of those dots.” For more information or to order your own Chakra Activation Deck, visit

+ Join Brooke Smokelin for a Naval Chakra Activation Workshop at Exhale Yoga on March 12 from 1-3:30 p.m.

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