Cami Del Prince & Ray Himme

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Cami Del Prince & Ray Himme

This couple’s first meeting was, in the words of the bride, “so Pittsburgh.”

The location? Primanti Brothers on a Saturday afternoon. Cami Del Prince was perched at the bar, spending some time with her friend, Kellie, who worked there, and then, “In walks this guy,” recalls Cami.

As for “this guy?” That was Ray Himme, and the attraction between the two was immediate. Kellie helped the process along by slyly providing Cami’s phone number to Ray. “He called me later that day, we went out that evening, and we’ve seen each other everyday since,” she says.

A little over a year later, Ray took Cami out to Buffalo Wild Wings for a laidback evening date. However, “He was really out of sorts that day, talking a mile a minute. But I just chalked it up to one of those things,” says Cami.

Actually, Ray was really nervous that day, and for good reason. After being seated and opening her menu, Cami looked over to see Ray down on one knee. When Cami answered “yes,” the patrons filling out the bar partied right along with them.

The Facts

The Wedding

The bride was completely composed and calm all day — that was until the time when she and her dad, Ben Del Prince, stood waiting for the doors to the aisle of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Carnegie to open. “I had my veil over my face, I was getting chills, and that’s when it hit me. My dad, who’s my rock, took my arm, opened the doors, and we went down the aisle,” she says. “That’s when the first rush of tears started.” The pews were packed with 140 guests for the Friday afternoon ceremony. The bride wore an Alfred Angelo gown, complete with a nine-foot train! When they reached the altar, and Cami’s father removed the veil from her face, it fell from her hair. However, her stepmother, Rose, deftly saved the day, plucking it from the floor and placing it back in Cami’s hair in one fell swoop.

The Reception

The Grand Hall at The Priory, decorated the previous week for Christmas, was where the newlyweds held their reception. Bill Chisnell of designspace created a winter wonderland with centerpieces of Birchwood branches, moss, and a blizzard of white flowers. Amethyst accents completed the sparkling setting. The couple had the spotlight, literally, when they danced to Norah Jones’ song, “Come Away With Me.” The city was also alight in celebration that evening, as their wedding fell on the same day as Light Up Night. A honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico, followed.

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