Brow Feathering Arrives at Jeffrey Smith Salon

By Liz Petoniak | Photograph by Michael Fornataro

For those as obsessed with full, beautiful eyebrows as we are, breaking news: Jeffrey Smith Salon now offers brow feathering! The semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing lasts one to two years with one touch-up and is ideal for anyone who uses a pencil to fill in their brows, who over-tweezed them and they didn’t grow back, or who went through chemotherapy. Esthetician Corey Michol Sam completed a three-day intensive course and a month of hands-on training to become skilled in the technique, which delivers impressively realistic results. “Imagine saving time in the morning without having to ‘put your eyebrows on,’” she says. The process begins with a consultation with Sam. Then, she applies a topical anesthetic, letting it sit for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, she measures the brows and uses a pencil to structure the perfect brow to suit your facial structure and eye shape, then customizes a pigment based on skin tone and hair color. To begin the feathering, she uses a handheld tool with sterile and disposable blades comprised of six to 14 micro needles. She then manually deposits the pigment into the epidermis, leaving crisp and natural hairlike strokes, creating the perfect brow! The 75-minute process is much less invasive and painless than a regular tattoo, which goes into the dermis. Through August, Jeffrey Smith will offer the treatment for $395, with prices raising to $695 in September. “Our clients have absolutely loved it,” says Salon Manager Sandy DiGregory. “It’s one less thing you have to do in the morning and during the warmer months, you’re not afraid to go in the pool.” Sounds like our eyebrow dreams have finally come true. Jeffrey Smith Salon, 5806 Bryant St., Highland Park. 412.441.1440.


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