By Liz Petoniak

Pure Barre Platform classes are arriving in Pittsburgh this March, just in time for brides to step up their fitness plan leading up to their wedding date. The new fast-paced class takes the traditional pieces of the Pure Barre class that we all know and love, and incorporates a “platform,” for what Mt. Lebanon and Peters Township owner Melissa Dellovade calls “one of the toughest” hour-long fitness classes. Combining quick bursts of intense, yet low impact, cardio with muscle-sculpting movements, Pure Barre Platform increases overall body strength while also providing cardiovascular results. “The combination of Pure Barre and Platform gives you everything you need,” Dellovade says. “Physically, the mixture of the toning you get in Pure Barre and the extra calorie-burning cardio bursts you get in Platform provide amazing results. Pure Barre and Platform push you to work past your limits and create a strong you — physically and mentally.” The studio also offers “barre-ties” or private Pure Barre parties to kick the bachelorette party up a notch, or to get hearts pumping the morning of the bridal shower or even the wedding day. And as always, brides and bridesmaids can sign up for three months of unlimited classes for just $375! Offers vary by location.

Pure Barre, 412.408.3335, Fox Chapel. 412.248.2424, Mt. Lebanon. 724.519.8571, Murrysville. 724.941.8663, Peters Township. 412.248.3333, Shadyside. 724.719.9191, Wexford.

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