Wedding photographers share their favorite photos — and the memories behind them.

by Jessie Cadle

Your wedding day is the time to pose with chic sophistication and to capture the best look of your lifetime. Wedding photography is trending toward a more photojournalistic approach and photographers are capturing every candid second. We’ve also found that many couples are taking pictures before and after the big day in order to garner more relaxed and intimate images. Plus, in this age of Twitpics, blogs, personalized bridal Websites, and Facebook albums, wedding photos have a much broader reach than the newlyweds’ coffee table. Peruse these pics for inspiration and insights from our favorite photographers before you book your own glam session (you, superstar, you).

Nicole Bennett

“We love responding to a bride’s personal style in creating their photos, and Nicole’s portraits, on the day of her marriage to Geoff Guarino, are beautiful examples of a trend towards a more natural look. A gorgeous natural setting is ideal for sun-drenched portraits that mirror simple elegance, resulting in a classic look that is both organic and timeless.” — John Pascarella of The Brand Studio

Lee Dirienzo and Andrew Romesberg

“I love the energy of downtown Pittsburgh. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot — especially in the winter. The titillating chill in the air, holiday shoppers racing for last-minute gifts, and a romantic taxicab kiss make a beautiful image!” — Tony Araujo of Araujo Photography

Lindsay Wood & Buddy Crappio

“This couple really wanted to do a shot running through the fountain. It was their idea. They were so fun and cute together, even when they got all wet.”

— Andrew Kilpatrick of Andrew Stephen Photography


Beth Delo & Chris Roka

“I loved Beth’s tattoos! They catch your eye, along with the flower in her long hair and the beautiful bouquet. Beth and Chris choose to make their wedding reflect their personalities, and this image captured it perfectly.”

— Dianne Adrian of Dianne Adrian Photography

Kristin Cipolla & Ryan Nowicki

“This couple was shot in Florida, at a destination wedding in Boca. Instead of choosing the more common beach backdrop for their photos, they opted to go to a park for a carousel ride and show their true fun personalities.” — Autumn DeLellis of SkySight Photography

Amy Weiner & Michael Caplan

“Amy and Michael’s ceremony was super intimate, beautiful, and featured the prettiest chuppah I’ve ever seen. For an interesting change of surroundings, we took them from the soft romantic ceremony to the streets of Shadyside — one of their favorite places. They both love to go to Walnut Street, and the city street was a fun contrast to the ceremony space.” — Lynne Goldstein of Goldstein Photography

Check outphotos of their reception, planned by Amy’s mother, Sheila, here!

Rachel Cunningham & Elliott Ewart

“I think this photo speaks for itself. It’s one of my absolute favorites because every time you look at it you can’t help but smile.”— Elizabeth Craig of Craig Photography

Megan Pistorius &
Dan Berty

“The rain held off for most of their gorgeous outdoor ceremony, but just as the couple was taking their vows, it began to rain — slowly at first, but then much harder. It was magical to watch Megan and Dan, because even though the rain was coming down, they never stopped smiling at one another.” — Aly Bash of Studio Bash Photography

Savannah Sasser & Tristan Haseler

The best shots are never planned. We caught this moment right before the reception, and I’m not sure if it’s Tristan’s GQ look or Savannah’s unabashed love, but this is definitely one of our favorites!” — Michael Williams of Michael Will Photography

Allen Sullivan & Jeffrey Cattorini

“I had photographed gay and lesbian ceremonies before, but none was as intimate and as moving as Allen
and Jeffrey’s wedding. Only the five of us participated: Allen and Jeffrey, the officiant (Mary Coburn), and two photographers (myself and my business and life partner, Karen). None of us could keep a dry eye throughout!
— Joanne Bartone of Joanne Bartone Photography

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