At Home with WTAE-TV Pittsburgh’s Wendy Bell

In the renovated Point Breeze home of Wendy Bell, there is not a space that hasn’t been carefully considered — all in the name of family

By Andrea Bosco
Photography: Cayla Zahoran

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

Upon entering the home of WTAE-TV Evening Anchor Wendy Bell, I experience a breeze of happiness. She greets me with open arms and her eminent smile at the entryway of a spotless mudroom painted orange — her favorite color. We pass stacked stone columns and enter into the kitchen, where she mixes me up a fresh lemon water and herself a coffee from an in-cabinet, single-cup maker. She and her husband Joe, an interventional cardiologist, have spent the past 10 years completing house projects, including a 1,200-square-foot addition.

“It’s all for the boys,” she says of her proudest accomplishments, sons Michael, 13; Jack, 12; Ryan, 8; and Bobby and Christopher, 5-year-old twins.

Bell describes her dwellings as “contemporary rustic.” “I get my girlish fix with these Swarovski pendants,” she says of the kitchen fixtures above the granite island. “I like to mix steel, glass, wood, and stone.” The kitchen and dining room seating spaces are situated exactly for five and seven, and are the usual morning and evening go-to spots. “I wake up around 6:30 a.m. and spend 30 minutes getting the house ready before I wake the kids,” says Bell. “The lights are low, candles are lit, the fireplace is on, and breakfast is cooking. It’s a quiet, peaceful, welcoming place to wake up to and get them going before they start a long day away from me.”

In the kitchen, a mosaic backsplash and patterned floor of hardwood and black onyx inlay are complemented by stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and gray and white countertops. The cohesiveness of composition is emulated throughout the home with the use of pops of color — deep reds, purples, oranges, greens, and yellows — glossy white trim, textured wallpapers, the children’s framed artwork, and round mirrors.

Outside lie a few patio spaces; a large, level yard; perennials; and greenery, as gardening is one of Bell’s choice hobbies. With Frick Park nearly a block away, trees surround the property, and Bell says it’s usual to see deer and peregrine falcons.

Built in 1980, the home is a lucid reflection of the family’s values and a space that’s evolved since they first called it home in 2004. “I wanted it to be comfortable and fun for the boys,” says Bell. “Their friends are always here, and we always have extra people around.”

“I always say, I do what I like, so I can be with the people I love,” says Bell of her long-standing career in TV. It’s evident, through details, Bell’s philosophy holds true from family, to lifestyle and design. “Bright colors and organized spaces make me happy, and I want more than anything for my six men to be happy. Our home is fun and warm, and a loving place for the seven of us to count our blessings.”

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At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

Bell commissioned sculptor Susan Wagner, responsible for the bronze statue of Roberto Clemente at PNC Park, to create this 5×7, three-panel piece of orange poppies, her favorite color and flower as a result of her childhood in Calabasas, Calif. A Restoration Hardware dining table of natural wood and black leather chairs — adjacent to large windows — give the room an airy, contemporary feel. “I wanted to pair something a little rustic with something really vibrant,” says Bell.

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

A “crash pad” for the children, this former bedroom-turned-playroom is filled with underwater-themed décor, star-textured wallpaper, a mounted flatscreen TV, sports memorabilia, and a swinging door with a portal window. Opposite the lime green exit is a museum-esque hallway of the boys’ framed and lit artwork, and a trophy curio.

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

“Wine and beer are a very big thing over here,” laughs Bell. “It was the pillar of the addition.” The cabinets were designed with wine and beer coolers — essential for entertaining — and cookbook nooks. Opposite of the dining table (page 108), lies a full bar and lofty storage space for the children’s belongings, books, and homework.

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

Bell’s intrinsic adoration for poppies is sprinkled throughout — in multiple paintings, in the living room’s area rug design, as well as on the front door panels. “Red Star Ironworks in Millvale created the design for me,” says Bell. “Not only does the wrought iron provide safety, it takes a boring, old door and makes it interesting.”

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

The mudroom at the front of the home is all about function, bright color, and natural lighting. “Everyone has a place for their own stuff,” says Bell. “I love this space — each child has a drawer for shoes and for sports equipment.” The area is open, sans ceiling, with an upstairs breezeway, outside of the boys’ rooms, for a view of the window seat below.

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

Cozy nights by the fire are a preferred activity in the living room. From ceiling to hearth, the stone fireplace, flanked by beautiful, dark cherry built-ins, houses Bell’s Emmy Awards. On the shelves, lie books, photos, and additional, well-deserved Emmys.

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

At Home with WTAE-TV's Wendy Bell

With five boys, laundering convenience is essential. As part of the addition, Bell and her husband installed a second-floor laundry room. This space and the kitchen are tied for Bell’s favorite room in the house. The cranberry-colored appliances, and festive fish-themed wallpaper correlate with the color palette used throughout the second floor, and have made it easy for Bell to start to teach her boys how to do laundry, she says. In a space like this, it’s fun, right?

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  1. Jerzy S. Zderkowski, Ph.D.
    January 2, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Dear Wendy,
    I have been watching the K… station for ages. No longer so.
    Watching you on WTAE gives me a daily ray of smile and happiness.
    And a lot of appreciation of a woman’s vivacious beauty. Being European, I value it.
    I hope I am not forward, but you are my gem of this, not always acceptable, media show.
    All I can say, please stay there and give me my daily dose of elegance and sweetness.
    Thank you out of all my heart,
    Dr. Jerzy S. Zderkowski
    P.S. If applicable..”Erin go Bragh”!.