By Matthew Hacke

Discover the marvelous masterpieces of Ron Donoughe, Adrienne Heinrich, and Annie Heisey — three local and accomplished artists.

Ron Donoughe

Photograph from Ron Donoughe

For 30 years, Ron Donoughe has been painting the Western Pennsylvania landscape and highlighting the many textures of our region. A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he has been recently honored as a Distinguished Alumni, Donoughe is proud to have his work in the permanent collections of the Heinz History Center, the Museum of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Pittsburgh Convention Center, and the Duquesne Club, as well as in the pages of his three books, including “90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods.” He is also a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the founder of The Plein Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania. Check out his new exhibition, Labor and Landscape, which opens May 19 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art on the campus of St. Francis University.

Ron Donoughe, Smoke Dreams, study, 9 x15, oil on panel

Adrienne Heinrich

Photograph from Linda Heinrich

Adrienne Heinrich’s sculptures, paintings, and installations have always been inspired by her experiences as both a woman and a mother. Creating art in various media — such as reed with paper or fabric, carved wood, and cast silicone — has made her gravitate towards materials that imply a sense of vulnerability and are difficult to control physically. For instance, light is an important aspect in her pieces. Heinrich’s work comes from her subconscious, revealing itself to her slowly. Ultimately, part of the excitement of art making for Heinrich is being open to new encounters with the work!

+ Adrienne Heinrich is Touchstone Center for Craft’s Artist of the Year! 

Adrienne Heinrich, Memory Book

Annie Heisey

Photograph from Annie Heisey

Annie Heisey is a painter living and working in her native Pittsburgh. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and a BS in Art Education from Penn State University in 2003, where she won the Freedman and Hamill prize. In 2005, Heisey joined the MFA Painting program at Boston University and was chosen as a finalist for the Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn Career Entry Award. After graduating from Boston University in 2007 with her MFA, she was awarded the Junior Artist in Residence position at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC). From there, Heisey continued to work at OCAC, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and Nike’s Blue Ribbon Studios until her move back to Pittsburgh in 2016. Her artwork has been shown at museums, galleries, and colleges across the country including the Boston Center for the Arts, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and SITE: Brooklyn in Brooklyn. Heisey’s current series of paintings, “Places We Have Never Known,” visually illustrates nonexistent places and incomplete worlds interrupted by the very brush strokes that have created them.

Annie Heisey, Falcon or Fish, oil on panel, 24” X 20”, 2017

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