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From photography to painting to glasswork, there’s no shortage of talent in Pittsburgh’s growing art community.

Hudson Rush

Photograph from Porter Loves Creative

Pittsburgh-based, multidisciplinary artist Hudson Rush works on everything from visual and performance art, to the written word and everything else in between. Her goal for any and all art-making is twofold: to engage individuals and communities in a positive space for dialogue, debate, self-esteem, and/or self-expression with a “letting-go” component of better living in the present; and to face her own fears of letting go of her own hoarded work as she realizes time keeps ticking. Knowing this journey cannot be taken alone, Rush invites anyone and everyone into a two-way flow of creative expression in many arenas. This includes teaching engagements with the Women Writers of Northview Heights and the Mattress Factory, as well as therapeutic “Resurrection” art workshops. When the participants’ internal dialogue becomes external, Rush feels she has succeeded in making at least a bit of a difference in the life-long search for one’s true self. She continues to work on living each day as if it’s her last and hopes others do, too. Check out URBAN EXCHANGE: Photography of Hudson Rush at Three Guys Eye Care through August 21. hudsonrushworx.com.

Hudson Rush, Watch Out, Photography Collage, 14” x 11”, 2016

Joshua Hogan

Photograph from BoxHeart Gallery

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Joshua Hogan began a series of paintings while attending Carlow College. He drew inspiration from a Semester at Sea program that took him to 15 countries, including Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, and Morocco. This laid the foundation for the fluid shapes he creates today, a way to visually communicate people’s interactions. In 2001, Hogan launched BoxHeart Gallery in Bloomfield and began exhibiting fellow emerging and mid-career artists whose artwork exemplifies the diversity and originality of contemporary art. In 2007, his paintings shifted from an earthy to chromatic palette when color joined shape and exploded onto his canvases. Hogan’s paintings have been in the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of Art, and Fallingwater’s Huntington Museum, as well as the Love Art Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hogan’s paintings have also appeared in several film productions, including “Bloodlines,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl.” This past December, his paintings were exhibited at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel. He is currently working on an exclusive series of paintings titled “Radiance” that are exhibited by Crate and Barrel. joshuahogan.com.

Joshua Hogan, Rose Madder, Oil on Canvas, 36” X 54”, 2014. Photograph from Alexander Patho Jr

Jason Forck

Photograph from Nathan J. Shaulis

Immediately after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in glass from Emporia State University in 2005, Jason Forck became a tech apprentice at the Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC). In 2012, he launched the Idea Furnace artist residency at PGC, a free, experimental design session to connect non-glass artists with glass artists to encourage art exploration. The Education and Creative Projects Manager at PGC has also taught over 700 high school students in the production of studio glass through the SiO2 Young Artists Glass Program. Because of his positive impact, Forck was nominated as the PAEA Outstanding Non-Public School Art Educator. When creating his own pieces, Forck incorporates his interest in nature, and the culture and ideas of contemporary society. Forck’s recent exhibition at Pittsburgh Glass Center with local artist Seth Clark (who was one of WHIRL’s Artist Spotlights in June 2017!), “Dissolution,” was invited to be on display at the Sculptural Objects and Functional Art (SOFA) Exposition in Chicago from November 2-5. Check out his current exhibition, “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary,” at the Erie Art Museum from July 28-November 12. forckandglass.com.

Jason Forck, Open Field, Glass, 24” x 15” x 4”, 2016. Photograph from Nathan J. Shaulis

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