As an off-duty police officer for the City of Pittsburgh, Ron Freeman also worked as a security guard at PNC Bank in Shadyside. Amy Vay is the manager there and looked forward to the day when she and the “cute police officer” would officially meet. Soon, they were talking, and Amy took the next step by texting her crush and asking him to accompany her to a wedding. Six months later, Ron was ready to wed Amy. In fact, the day he picked up the ring he’d custom-designed with David Helfer Jewelers, he could barely keep in his excitement at proposing, telling a good number of coworkers about his upcoming plans. Worried his bride-to-be would catch wind of his proposal, he soon changed those plans and popped the question to Amy that very night, who was in her robe, doing laundry. “People call us the ‘Freeman Express’ because we met, got engaged, and got married all in a year-and-a-half. I say, I’d take the Freeman Express any day,” says Amy. (Aww!) They held their wedding at Tara — A Country Inn, located in Clark, Pa., where wedding planner Ashley Moss of Hello Productions helped the gorgeous summer day to go smoothly. “We took our wedding 90 minutes away from the city, and it was like being on vacation for 24 hours with our family and friends,” says the bride, who looked stunning in a strapless gown from The White Orchid. Since the wedding day, Amy’s father has passed away, but she cherishes the fact that he was there to walk her down the aisle and share a very special father-daughter dance.

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