By Victoria Deardorff • Photographs from La Pomponnee

Long gone are the days of sleepaway camp where teens spent weeks away from their parents in the woods “building character” and learning “survival skills”. But this summer, La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans brought the idea back and gave it a modern spin. Summer Camp, meet Spa Day. Aimed at teens ages 12-15, Teen Spa Camp 2K18 was a 4-week series of hands-on beauty and wellness training held at La Pomponnee’s Mount Lebanon salon location. Lead by Louise Pittavino, La Pomponnee’s resident makeup artist and a 20+ year beauty industry veteran, the workshops were inspired by Louise’s days teaching personal development to teen models in Charleston, SC. During their formidable years, teens can be intimidated by or nonchalant about things like skin care, makeup, stress management, and personal wellness, which could affect their overall physical and mental growth and development. But Louise says, “If they understand at a young age…it’ll stay with them for years to come.” Hoping to shape the next generation, Louise designed weekly courses focused on organic skin and body care using all-natural AVEDA products and simple makeup application to highlight their best features. Segments on yoga stretches, deep breathing, and stress management taught the class that the inside is just as important as the outside and it must be cared for as well. There was even a class on hair braiding that covered all of the modern styles, like fishtail and mermaid. Attendees were treated to one-on-one instruction on body and beauty basics, and after completion of the camp, they received a certificate and a bag of products to keep them on their personal care journey. Although shy and quiet at first, by the end of the camp, the girls were connecting, laughing, and enjoying each other and all they had learned. The camp was mom-approved too; they said their daughters loved coming each week! Back to school season is fast approaching and we’re certain these ladies will start the school year feeling confident and naturally beautiful, thanks to how they spend their summer.

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