I’ve always looked up to Brett Keisel. Not only in a literal sense, as the Pittsburgh Steeler towered over me during our interview, but also for his leadership on the field. “Sometimes, they refer to me as the ‘old general,’” Keisel says of his fellow defensemen. Off the field, the defensive end is the one being led — by his dogs Luka and Maximus!


WHIRL: What song do you listen to to get pumped up before a game?
Brett Keisel: I listen to a lot of Pearl Jam. One of my favorite songs is “Animal.”

WHIRL: What’s your favorite movie?
BK: I have a few favorites. My favorite comedy is “Tommy Boy.” My favorite action movie is “Braveheart.” My favorite Western is “Tombstone.”

WHIRL: What’s your favorite non-football activity?
BK: Being with my family. I love taking my kids fishing or taking the family hiking. I try to stay outdoors as much as I can.

WHIRL: When you do workouts on your own, what’s your go-to routine?
BK: In the morning, I take my dogs for a run. It kind of motivates me in the morning; not so much me getting my workout in, but I have to run my dogs or they’ll tear my house apart.

WHIRL: Do you have any hidden talents?
BK: I’m trying to teach myself how to play piano. I love music, and I’ve always kind of wished I knew how to play an instrument. My fingers, I think, are too jacked up to play guitar. I figure I can tickle the ivories a little bit.

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