5 Natural Home Remedies to Combat Your Winter Cold

That chill in the air, that tickle in your throat. These are signs that cold season is upon us. We all have that revered routine we go to when an illness is coming on — whether it’s a stint in the steam room or a bowl of chicken noodle soup. This season, find comfort in these home remedies.

By Rachel Jones
Photographs by Michael Fornataro
Styling by Samantha Casale

home remedies for winter


1 / Bottoms Up

“Probably my favorite natural cold fighter is one of our health shots: Solar Ray,” says Ginny Corbett of Salúd Juicery. Mixing equal parts cold-pressed lemon and ginger juices, the shot is topped with a sprinkle of turmeric and cayenne, then served with an apple slice chaser. With the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger boosting immunity and the lemon packing a punch of vitamin C, Solar Ray, $2.50, is great for clearing up sinuses or staving off sickness.

Salúd Juicery, 348 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8818. 733 Copeland St., Shadyside. 412.683.1064. saludjuicery.com

2 / Chocolate Fix

Creamy chocolate can quiet any cough. Add in the cooling effect of peppermint, like in Sarris Candies’ Peppermint Bark, $14.95, and you have the sweet dream come true for those with scratchy sore throats. Plus, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and mood-boosting endorphins! “While I’m not a medical expert, I do know chocolate makes people happy,” says Athena Sarris Simms. “Eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain, which decrease levels of both stress and pain. And, it’s delicious!”

Sarris Candies, 511 Adams Ave., Canonsburg. 724.745.4042. sarriscandies.com

3 / Tea Time

Gryphon Saldin, owner of Gryphon’s Tea, recommends three beloved blends to help you get a restful night of sleep — even in the stuffiest situations! Quiet Shire, $2.25/oz, blends chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, red rose petal, spearmint, peppermint, and stevia. “Chamomile is calming, so this blend is very relaxing.” Fleur de Mint, $2.05/oz, blends peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, lavender, and stevia. “This is very soothing and will help you get some sleep.” Tulsi Houjicha, $2/oz, blends holy basil and houjicha, a pan-roasted green tea. “Roasting the green tea removes most of the caffeine from it. The basil is full of antioxidants, too.”

Gryphon’s Tea, 4127 Butler St., Lawrenceville. 412.877.4223.

4 / Oil Change

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Ruthi Bosco offers two blends of Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade essential oils that are crucial for feelings of anxiousness and infectious environments. On Guard blends wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It’s great for protection against environmental and seasonal threats. Diffuse, apply topically, or take internally to boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, and protect against bacterial and viral infections. Balance blends spruce, Ho Wood, frankincense, and blue tansy with fractionated coconut oil. This Grounding Blend can be diffused or applied topically to promote tranquility and a sense of emotional balance, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and relax the body.

For questions about these or other essential oils, contact Ruthi Bosco at 724.941.6799 or doterraruthi@verizon.net. To shop, visit mydoterra.com/ruthibosco.

5 / Strike a Pose!

Yoga is the perfect way to relax your mind and stretch those achy muscles. Here, Helen Hughes-Smith of Hot Dog Yoga demonstrates Supta Baddha Konasana. You can try it at home by following these steps:

Line up three yoga blocks (or a yoga bolster) on the floor, and cover them with a blanket for comfort. Sit at the bottom of the row, and lean back onto the blocks. Your spine should line up directly on top of the row. Bend your knees and turn them out, so the soles of your feet touch. Push your feet forward, making a diamond shape in your legs and bringing you into the Butterfly position. (Slide a rolled-up blanket under your knees for extra support!) Rest your arms down and out to the side. Take deep breaths, and feel that tension dissolve.

home remedies for winter - yoga

Supta Baddha Konasana

Hot Dog Yoga, 4500 Clairton Blvd., Whitehall. 412.885.2929. hotdogyogallc.com
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