When heading to the office, or even a business luncheon, you need to look your best. Even on a bad hair day, you can rock your best hairstyle. With the availability of quality barber tools, a haircut can work best. However, there are other easy and simple hairstyles for an official look that you can achieve within the shortest time possible. Read on and learn how to achieve that gorgeous official look. 

  1. A low up-do 

A low up-do is a functional, beautiful and classy hairstyle you can achieve within a few minutes. It is excellent for the office and any other special occasion. What’s more, it is ideal for different face types. While it is a deceptive trend, it is also fun, formal and fit for the event. 

To get the best low up-do

  • Begin by separating your hair 1 inch apart to get 3 ponytails. For thin hair, the ponytails should be close together. 
  • Pull your hair halfway to create looped buns through the ponytail 
  • Take the two sides of the bun and tie the hair in circles. Secure the bun using bobby pins. 
  • Repeat the same for each ponytail. 
  1. The chignon 

The chignon is a sweet, easy and stylish hairstyle for a great office look. It is perfect for most face types. If you want your hair off your face, this is the hairstyle to rock. 


  • Comb your hair and pull it into a low pony-tail. 
  • Above the pony-tail, separate the hair and loop through the opening. 
  • Flip the end of the pony-tail up, through the same loop and use bobby pins to secure it. 
  • Use a flower or a bow to adorn the hair.
  1. A flower braid 

Braids are great for the office. You can choose between a flower braid, double braid or a crown of braids based on your preference. However, the former is an excellent choice because it is easy to achieve and style. 


  • Carefully comb your hair and pull it into half up. Use an elastic band to secure the hair in place.
  • Separate the secured hair above the elastic and through the opening, loop the pony. 
  • Braid your hair and secure at the bottom using a thin elastic. You can have one or two braids. 
  • Roll up the braids into a beautiful wheel and use bobby pins to secure it in place. 

For double braids

Double braids are beautiful and creative office look.


  • Section your hair and add a braid to any side of your head, secure with an elastic. 
  • Pull hair into half and beautifully braid down. 
  • Add charm and extra flair using bobby pins. 
  1. The Pigtail Bun 

The pigtail bun is with no doubt a new and stylish rendition for the office. It is functional, special and excellent for indoor and outdoor office activities. 


  • Separate your hair into two high ponytails. 
  • Create two looped buns by pulling your hair half through each end. 
  • Pull single hair pieces around your hair tie. This should be in circles and carefully secure with bobby pins. 
  • Use ribbons and accessorize your pony-tails.
  1. Half up knot 

Knots are with no doubt the biggest trend in the world of beauty. You need to choose a knot that works best for your face type. However, a half up knot is always the best way to go. 


  • Comb and section your hair. 
  • Secure the pony-tail using an elastic band. 
  • Backcomb the ponytail as it helps to add volume to your hair. 
  • Wrap up your hair from the pony in a clockwise direction. Sculpt the knot. 
  • Secure it in place.
  • Set it in place using hairspray. 
  • Rock your beautiful top knot. 
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